Beginner Skin Care Routine

Beginner Skin Care Routine

Basic Skin Care Routine For Beginners

Self-care has become top priority for many over the past couple of years. Without proper guidance, one can easily give up, before starting because of the many skin care products on the market. So, what is the most basic routine for a beginner?  

Skin care should no longer be considered an indulgence, or even a luxury, but a necessity. With that in mind, lets relieve you from the overwhelming task of “figuring it out” on your own.

Truth is, every single one of us, has different skin —and therefore different skin conditions, concerns, goals. While there is a general skin routine that can be applied across the board (the basics), it is best to consult with your Esthetician, to confirm product recommendations, upon thorough skin analysis.

If You Remember Nothing You’ve Read Thus Far, Remember This:

Consistency Is Key. Keep At It.

Your first skin routine is be SIMPLE! Remember Less is more! And, Have Patience!

The most basics will include about 4 steps! In the following order:

  1. Cleanse with a cleanser that will target your skin concerns. We recommend the Ekseption Enzyme Powder Cleanse for all skin types. Cleanse the face for at least 1 minute in circular motion. Do not forget the neck and decolletage.
  2. Repair- Use a toner to repair damaged, irritated and sensitive skin. Damp a small amount of toner on a cotton round, and massage into the skin. This helps to keep the skin moist. We recommend the Storyderm Clinic A Toner.
  3. Moisturize- It is important to use a moisturizer that is formulated to address your specific skin concerns. Apply a pea sized amount on clean fingers and massage into the skin. We recommend the Meso Lift Cream from Fusion for ageing skin.
  4. Protect- I cannot stress enough, the importance of applying and reapplying an SPF every two hours daily. Fun Fact! After about two hours, the active ingredients that protects against UV rays, will start to break down, leaving you with no protection. We recommend the Ekseption All Day Shield SPF. GREAT for all skin tones. No White Film Left Behind.


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